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Raspberry Flavour Soft ice cream mix

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Natural raspberry flavour powder preparation for the production of soft ice cream.
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Notre préparation en poudre arôme framboise pour faire des glaces à l'italienne

"Les recettes de Paulette" (The recipes of Paulette) offer you an ice cream powder mix, for soft ice cream machines, raspberry flavour,
made in FRANCE
Preparation to make a total of 25 kg of Soft Ice Cream Mix - That is to say a cost price of 1.80 euros / Kg (based on a price of 0.84 euros/litre of milk)

Mix for fine ice creams with raspberry flavours. Your taste buds will be won over by the raspberry flavoured powder, a mix for fine raspberry ice creams that will delight those who love this flavour. Our powder preparation is quick and easy to use, specially designed to be used in a soft ice cream machine. Adding one litre of milk to 4 scoops of our powder allows you to quickly make 17 tasty ice creams; that's 350 beautiful and delicious ice creams* for one tub.

Moreover, as milk is a basic element, its availability and supply will not be a problem for you. Sold by the tub (4.6 kg of preparation) with a measuring spoon for a clean and precise dosage. Ultra economical and therefore very profitable, in fact, you can produce 25 kg of Mix with only one tub*.

Our tubs are packaged in a carton which allows for easy stock management, both in terms of storage and durability of the powdered Mix.
Our maximum conservation dates are two years.

1. #Instructions for use#
Mix 4 level scoops of preparation with 1 litre of whole (preferably) or semi-skimmed milk. Leave to stand for fifteen minutes in a cool place, then mix again to obtain a smooth texture. Pour into the tank of your machine.

2. #Tips#
For a better maturity and to intensify the flavours, prepare your mixture the day before and keep it in a cool place. The mixture has a shelf life of 48 hours (at less than 6°C).
* Based on an average weight of 70g/ice.

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